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1Cloud-based event management systems, Success made easier

No doubt, a cloud-based event management system can be used for multiple functions. It all depends on what the company requires, and who the provider is. Providence Software Solutions, provides a cloud-based event management system that can provide your company with the services of live video streaming, a RSVP Booking Engine as well as a Competition Engine.

After reading this article you should have a clear understanding of what our cloud-based event management system can do for your company. For now, let's have a closer look at what exactly event management - and a cloud-base systems are.

Margaret Rouse, writer of Whatls.com and TechTarget's IT encyclopedia, defines an event management system as a practice of incorporating business logic into labeling events, the communication of events and how to handle each event. Now you might ask yourself, what makes this software ideal for my company? The software systems allows one to create events and manage it. The software developers often have no linking of business priorities and concerns. Business event management takes a different route on traditional event management. Business event management requires interaction and cooperation among business stakeholders as well as software developers and IT management professionals when designing, implementing and maintaining computer systems and processes.

The event management system has been created to make the exercise of organizing content, managing and delegating jobs to your employees much easier. It is also designed to save time and money, but this can only happens if the right system are implemented and managed effectively and efficiently.

With the right system he / she will be able to successfully plan and organize the information needed for each event. The event management system also provides the service of minimizing the communication barrier between the employer and the employees.

If you combine the event management- and cloud-base systems, you will be left with a system that will help the event manager to take care of all the tasks and events with minimal fuss.

The term cloud-base is not a new concept as an ongoing evolution started during the 1950s with the mainframe computing. This allowed multiple users to have access to a central computer through dumb terminals, which provided the employees to have access to the mainframe. The cost associated to buy and maintain a mainframe computer use to be very expensive. Therefore most companies provided their employees with shared access to a single resource, which is exactly what a cloud-based is about. Cloud computing refers to the use of the internet to provide technology services, including software, from a remote location, or through data centers, or at the client's premises. Cloud base software is not only there to create a medium which can be used to share access, but it can also be used to manage events successfully.

Farhad Khan, MTN Group Enterprise Executive, stated during an interview in 2013 that the response of the MTN Cloud trail, which was launched in December 2013, had a positive outcome. Khan said: "What the pilot project confirmed is that our offering are on the mark. There is great appetite for ICT solutions that are relevant, customized and affordable" - that is exactly what Providence Software Solutions are striving towards; providing IT / ICT solutions.

1 Why should we use a cloud based software?

The cloud-base software gives you the opportunity to have access to the software no matter where you are, without any restrictions on your location. The software gives you the ability to have easy access to the cloud-based software which are then used to gain easy access to any information as long as you have internet access. The cloud-based event management software makes it easier for any manager to communicate to their employees, clients and suppliers. Providence Software Solutions provide their clients with the software that allows you to do video streaming. With video streaming you are able to communicate with your employees, clients and suppliers, no matter where your company or employees are designated.

If your company needs to do online payments or online registrations, you will use the cloud software and the cloud technology. The proses of making use of either online registration or online payment is as follow: you have a physical venue, where you can make use of joined devices with the necessary software so that you can register the user, by following the necessary steps to complete the registration of a client. The data filled in to register a customer / client is automatically synced with the software. Online registration also became much easier when you are making use of an event management software as it enables you to track and manage your clients' online payments. The cloud-base software can help you to store a client's data.

As mentioned above, the cloud-base system increases the efficiency of the company, as the event management software can help you to manage a few aspects of the event from a specific location. With the cloud-base event management system, you can manage your information wherever you are. You can track the current events and plan other events online, while you discuss ideas with your client or supplier. This software is also like an online diary where all the related events and notes are stored and you can also export your data to different programs and devices.

The cloud-base software is known for its ability to help the company to reduce costs. At first it can be expensive to invest in a software, but in the long run your company will save more. It is not only about saving money, but the time spent to complete an event can also be reduced by a cloud-base software. Say for example you need to manage an event, which can sometimes be a labor-intensive job, but with a well implemented cloud-base event management system, you will be able to manage your recourses which can then lead to making a bigger Return on Investment (ROI) for the company.

The tasks allocated to an employee can be simplified by the event management software. The software provides specific tools for either a one event or multi-day events. This tool can act as an automated ticketing system that helps you to accomplish.

In order for you to increase the efficiency of the company, reducing the costs and managing the task of your employees, you need to look at cloud-base event management software that will help your company to be more successful. You also need to consider the type of software each IT company can provide you, for example, Providence Software Solutions will do the design/coding of the software, implement and maintain the computer systems and process it for the company, according to your company's needs!

Who we re?

1 Intranet portals (SharePoint & Custom PHP) ensures for productivity in the workplace

What is the difference between the Intranet and the Internet?

In 1996, Frontier Technologies introduced a product called the “Intranet Genie”. This product contains a bundle of applications that supported document sharing, employee discussions, electronic messaging and communication tools. The introduction of the Intranet, was dismissed by critics, but it all changed when businesses started to realize the importance of an Intranet and how it can benefit the company. Intranet Software products is / was designed with the purpose of being convenient and easy to use. It contains all the necessary features that contributes to the employees’ success.

The concept Intranet and Internet can sometimes be confusing, as there are similarities between them, but they are two different things. The Internet is what is known as the World Wide Web and Intranet is an internal or private network of an organization. Both the Internet and Intranet use internet technologies (TCP/IP protocols and hypertext).

There are a few features which can be used to differentiate the Intranet and the Internet from each other. The one main difference between these two concepts, is that Intranet users can use the Internet without any interference of hackers or unauthorized personal, as the Intranet has a security system, like firewalls and password-protection access that block the unauthorized users. The only way to have access to the Intranet, is if access has been granted to you. Anyone can access the Internet, as there is no password restrictions to collect information from the Web.

Intranet also have the benefit of not necessarily requiring an internet connection to access the information on the Intranet. An Intranet portal can operate as a separate entity as long as your company doesn’t require any Internet access to gather information.

The broad bandwidths that are used in Intranet portals, ensures that your employees can communicate faster with one another and to access the necessary information easier. The use of an Intranet portal provides you as the owner of your company to control your business easier as well as to manage your employees more successfully. Intranet portals also have the benefit of 1) minimizing paperwork (which contributes towards a paperless solution and being more environmental friendly), 2) increasing the employees’ productivity, 3) add flexibility and 4) versatility. With these benefits Providence Software Solutions can and will save your company money and increase the profit margin of the company.

With a clear understanding of what differentiates the Intranet from the Internet, we will now discuss the different Intranet Applications, the design of the Intranet, the cost of setting up and running / managing an Intranet portal.

The inter-office email system is the most popular Intranet application. The email system allows for successful communication among your employees. When your Intranet is connected to the Internet, it allows your employees to access their emails through the Internet, but in case your company does not have an Internet connection, a special email software package can be purchased and installed to ensure that your employees has the benefit of communicate with ease.

There are many tools (html editors, database and forms interfaces, java applets and java script) to the mangers disposal, in order to successfully implement the Intranet. A well designed portal can save your company time and by saving time, you can save money. When it comes to the design of the Intranet portal, one need to pay careful attention to the designing details that will allow employees to have easy access to the relevant information.

Intranet experts, Anthony Schneider and Christopher Davis said that the; “successful process oriented Intranets look and work as differently as the processes they enable, but they share several common characteristics. First they are built on smart information design. Secondly they focus on tasks, not documents and aim to integrate those tasks into distinct processes. The best Intranet encourage collaboration by creating shared and familiar spaces that reflect the personality of the company and create a common ground for all employees.”

Schneider and Davis also state; “As the Intranet creates new forms of collaboration, it will challenge the traditional ways of doing work and obtaining information. For the Intranet portal to be successful, it must provide ways of empowering all employees, offering concrete incentives for employees to use, and encourage them to use the Intranet”. Company owners who implemented Intranet portals and using it correctly, will notice an increase of productivity among their employees, as they can communicate faster with one another, the amount paperwork has been reduced and they can obtain the information they need faster and more effectively.

Once you have decided to implement Intranet in your company, you need to consider the cost for setting, running and maintaining the Intranet portal. The cost associated to setup the portal includes the hardware (server and network adapters), software & utilities and installation. Providence Software Solutions offers the service of providing solutions within your company’s budget expectations. The whole installation process can occur faster, if there is an existing TCP/IP network and an extra machine that can act as the server. The extra machine will need a proper Web server software and network card installed and it may require a memory upgrade and added disk space. As soon as everything has been installed and the server is up and running, the hardware needs to be updated from time to time, just to ensure that the server can handle all the increasing traffic. The only ongoing cost with regards to the Intranet portal is the labor of your employees who will have the job description of maintaining the Intranet. Depending on your company’s requirements, Providence Software Solutions will ensure that everything goes smoothly and we will walk the extra mile with your company.

If your company does not have an Intranet portal, Providence Software Solutions will provide the service of Intranet and Internet portals, as we built and continue to support and maintain several enterprise portals using custom Personal Home Page (PHP) and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 portals.

Custom PHP is a well evolved scripting language that is particularly well suited for producing dynamic web pages. In 2007 PHP was listed as the most popular module on servers with over 20 million Internet domains using PHP. Custom PHP Development allows us to create interfaces for updating your website from any web browser, with little need to understand any scripting languages.

If you are still not sure whether the implementation of an Intranet portal will benefit your company, you should reconsider it as there are large corporations like Turner Entertainment Group, Ford Motor Company and IBM (also one of Providence Software Solutions clients) who have successfully implemented Intranets into their corporate structure. Intranet portals are not only there for the large companies, but small companies can also benefit from the Intranet portals.

1Electronic Signature (Paperless Solution)

This process has many advantages to the company such as:

  • Improve customer experience for organizations.
  • Drive down the operational costs associated with paper, printer cartridges, downtime, printer service agreements and fraud costs associated with identity theft.
  • Enable store staff to process transactions quicker.
  • Freeing up time to serve the next customer faster and create an opportunity to increase sales by reducing time within the sales cycle.

The essence of our electronic signature solution is that it enables you to read through the application electronically on the signature pad and at the same time allows you to sign the document on the required signature blocks. This will also enable you or your customers to approve the information before signing the document on an electronic, paperless document.

Our electronic signature solution reduces the threat of forgery or fraud by electronically capturing the actual biometrics of a signature and binding it to a time-stamped document. Our signatures solution also provide compatibility with the existing legal system and court framework with barcode scanning for ID Document, Local and Foreign Passports and Driver’s License identification. It is very easy and convenient to enhance an existing infrastructure with all the necessary functionalities to support a paperless process. Thus, signature processes from multiple disparate or interconnected business processes support signing and verifying with a consistent technology platform provided within a service-oriented architecture.

1Biometric Verification Devices

Unlike traditional bar code scanner which can only scan normal barcodes, to scan passports and verify the integrity we need advanced barcode scanners. We have the right solution for this. The reader is programmable so that the data format and intelligent interface output can be programmed & configured to match application communication requirements. An infrared option is available for security-based applications where bar codes are overprinted to prevent duplication such as Passports.

Through the use of our 2D/PDF barcode scanner you will be able to do verification by scanning identification documents. This includes Passports, a Green ID Book, Smart ID card, or Driver’s License from which a call will be made to a third party (Home Affairs) to receive verification information.

Through the use of our 2D/PDF barcode scanner you will be able to do verification by scanning identification documents. This includes Passports, a Green ID Book, Smart ID card, or Driver’s License from which a call will be made to a third party (Home Affairs) to receive verification information.

Identity theft is a major risk in the South African market. Many business contracts are opened / upgraded using falsified customer identity documents. This results in significant financial losses for businesses.

The only way to fully assure that Identity theft does not take place is by capturing the biometrics of the individual and verifying the person’s details with the help from Home Affairs / third party. This will be done by the use of a fingerprint scanner provided by Providence Software Solutions.

Only specific characteristics, which are unique to every fingerprint, are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation. No image of a fingerprint is ever saved, only a series of numbers (a binary code), which is used for verification. The algorithm cannot be reconverted to an image, thus the fingerprint cannot be duplicated.

This process holds the following benefits for the company:

  • Enable easier, quicker and more accurate biometric identification and retrieval of documents.
  • Enable store staff to verify customer’s identity electronically.
  • Reduce manual capture of customer information.

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